Physical Education

Menomonie MustangsWelcome to Physical Education

Hello, I am Mrs. Blomquist or Coach B! I am excited to be your child's PE teacher this year. 

In the fall our students will work on sportsmanship, throwing and catching (emphasis on underhand in K-1 and overhand in 2-5), soccer, and volleyball.

In the winter, we will learning basketball, gymnastics, dance and rhythm, as well as learning outdoor winter sports such as sledding, snow shoeing and ice skating. 

In the spring, we will work on sports using a striking motion with paddles (pickle ball, badminton
, etc), baseball, and frisbee golf. 

Our K-2 students will also emphasize on ways they move (locomotor skills) through fun games throughout the year. 

I use the SHAPE America as a guide for grade level outcomes. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

-Coach Blomquist
[email protected]