Downsville Mural

Downsville Mural
Posted on 04/27/2016

Our Mural is FINISHED!

Created by Grace Rogers and Abigail Henderson, Art Education students at UW-Stout, who are working with the PAINT program, a paid internship for students that are building experience before student-teaching.

Grace and Abby used the famous artist Chuck Close as inspiration for this design. 

Chuck Close is an American artist born in Monroe, Washington in 1940.  He suffered from severe dyslexia which made schoolwork extremely difficult.  He found that he exceled in art and became one of the most talented portrait artists in the world.  His work changed dramatically when health issues with his spine cause him to be entirely paralyzed.  With therapy, Close regained partial use of his arms.  Now permanently in a wheelchair, he paints with a paintbrush taped to his wrist.  His portraits are much more stylized and mathematical but are equally impressive! 

We hope everyone will enjoy this colorful creation!!!